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Exercise Performance Test

Metatec’s Exercise Performance Test is structured to specifically test your VO2 max level, Anaerobic Threshold (AT), and maximum heart rate. The Anaerobic Threshold tells individuals, especially athletes, how hard to push their bodies while exercising or practicing sports. We use these values to create your individualized heart rate (HR) zones and discuss ways to implement change

Your VO2 levels show the relationship between the lungs, heart, muscles and circulatory system.

Exercise Performance Test: How It Works

The Exercise Performance Test typically takes 60 minutes. You should wear comfortable exercise clothing. During the test, you will wear a heart rate monitor and a mask to test oxygen consumption and CO2 output levels. This test allows you to know your maximum heart rate and corresponding VO2 max and AT levels. Following the test, we will review your results and provide you with recommendations for next steps and schedule a follow up test in three to four months.

Why is this test important?

This test tells you where and how hard you can push your body. This information is incredibly important to know so that you can train your body in a progressive, healthy manner that ensures safety. This test can also be insightful for coaches and trainers, so they can create training programs specific to each athlete’s fitness levels.

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Metabolic Test

Metatec’s Metabolic Test is structured to provide you with your resting metabolic rate, the exact number of calories burned in a single day, and what percent is sugar/carbohydrates or fats and what substrates your body utilizes.  Are you sugar burner or a fat  burner?

This test is ideal for avid gym-goers, athletes, and individuals looking to assess nutritional needs. Your test will be compared to predefined guidelines from other individuals to demonstrate an average comparison. 

Metabolic Test Description

The Metabolic Test takes roughly 60 minutes. You will need to fast for 4 - 6 hours prior to the test. During the test, you will sit and meditate for up to 20 minutes. Once the results are provided, we will review the data with you and provide you with recommendations and next steps. Recommendations for meal plans, workout plans, or trainers may be provided as part of the next steps.

Why is this test important?

The Metabolic Test is important because it provides data you currently cannot receive from athletic trainers and health coaches. For those looking to lose those last two pounds to reach their goals, this data will provide you with specific areas to target and focus on so that your goals can be met.

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Additional Services

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CPR Training & Certification

Whether your a healthcare provider, your job requires a CPR certification, or you just need to know how to keep your family safe, Metatec offers CPR training to fit your needs.  Certified by the American Heart Association, our instructor has over 10 years of experience training individuals on how to perform life saving CPR.  Our classes range from two to four hours depending if you are getting your certification the first time or completing a renewal.

**As a note, we can accommodate small to large groups, instruction at our office or on-site if requested** 

NIOSH Spirometry

Certified as a NIOSH course provider, our course director offers over 40 years of experience in quality spirometry performance.  In 2017, new OSHA silica standards were released requiring occupational health providers to become NIOSH certified in spirometry performance.  With silica dust affecting over 2.3 million people on the U.S. workforce the need for certified testers is at an all time high.  

We offer classes at our facility quarterly, but can also accommodate larger groups and onsite training.

Clinical Research Services

With our parent company, TechEd, we have a network of Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRTs) with over 100 years of combined experience. RRTs can perform vital quality control functions during any phase of clinical research, we recommend working with our company to ensure consistent quality of test results from the initial phases of your project.  Whether you need quality oversight, site selection, monitoring, education and training, protocol development, or many other services related to your project we have the experience and team to fit your needs.  When TechEd is involved in a study, we take it personally. As a smaller company, we have the ability to employ highly experienced cross-functional teams that can manage trials of all sizes in a cost-effective, efficient, and quality environment.  Contact us to find out how we are different from the competition.

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