About Metatec

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Metatec is a division of TechEd Consultants, Inc that specializes in VO2 max testing for individuals and athletes.  We are a team of respiratory therapists who combined have over 100 years of experience to bring to the table.  During this time, we have developed strong quality systems and believe that everyone deserves the best quality test available, it’s our passion. Metatec believes that the combination of high quality testing and data can help athletes achieve new levels of performance and help to avoid injury or over-training.  While Metatec believes a strong training program is important, we also believe understanding how your body responds to exercise and how to tailor your program around your individual needs is vital.  This is why Metatec’s foundation and core services are built solely on providing high quality testing for each individual.

Metatec Vision Statement

Our Vision

Our vision at Metatec is to help individuals reach their personal fitness goals by providing them with the best quality exercise testing in the industry.

— Jason Blonshine

Our Values

At Metatec, we stand by our commitment to providing the highest level of quality of customer care, quality in our services, quality in our testing and quality in our equipment. 

We believe in Quality Care.

We are committed to providing individuals with a safe and comfortable environment to complete testing. We are committed to providing individuals with guidance on how to use the information and results provided to them.

We believe in Quality Services.

We are committed to providing athletic and performance testing that will help individuals meet their personal goals. We are committed to providing services for individuals at all levels of fitness.

Metatec Core Values

We believe in Quality Testing.

We are committed to our robust quality control program, which enables our ability to provide valid test results. We are committed to providing data that meets or exceeds the quality required for clinical research.

We believe in Quality Equipment.

We are committed to using only the best equipment in the industry to conduct our testing. Each piece of equipment will go under thorough and regular maintenance inspections to ensure the purest and most accurate testing results.


Meet the Team

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Jason Blonshine Metatec

Jason Blonshine

Jason Blonshine loves all things fitness and respiratory! With an extensive background in Respiratory Therapy and Pulmonary Function, Jason has been in the patient care industry since 2005 and brings a wealth of knowledge to serving Metatec’s clients. He has done everything from transcription, data entry, data review, patient review, project management, equipment validation, on-site training, equipment troubleshooting, monitoring, budget/proposals, and NIOSH spirometry training.

One thing that Jason loves most about this industry is the wide spectrum of directions one can take with a specialty in respiratory, which is what has allowed him to start Metatec. In working at Metatec, Jason has found that no two days are the same. Some days he will be working on exercise testing and fitness and the next day he might be flying to another country to validate equipment. One thing that never changes though, is his passion for what he does and the people he meets along the way.

On the weekend, you can find Jason spending time with his family enjoying the outdoors – hopefully by the water! Jason has a goal to be able to run a marathon within the next 16 months using the testing data from Metatec. Additionally, Jason is actively involved in his church, Compassion International, local nonprofits and soup kitchens, and last but not least, the Capital Area Humane Society (sounds like someone has a soft spot for animals!)

Ron Reisbig Metatec

Ron Reisbig

Ron Reisbig comes to Metatec as a respiratory therapist. Helping people live better, healthier lives is one reason Ron entered the respiratory and research industry. Whether Ron is at the hospital doing nebulizer treatments, managing a ventilator, doing research on the newest drugs affecting the lungs, or helping someone train more efficiently - it all helps people enjoy life more. One reason Ron loves what he does, is the fact that no two days are the same. Regardless if Ron is traveling the world working on research projects, working at the office, or at a race helping people reach their goals, Ron is able to get the latest science to help people live a better life.

Continual education is important to Ron in furthering his career. Ron is in the works of obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Respiratory at the University of Michigan.

Outside of his time at Metatec, you can find Ron spending time with his family attending his kids sporting events, swimming, or working on house projects. As a parent in this line of business, Ron thoroughly enjoys being able to watch his kids doing sports and seeing first hand the improvement the kids show each time they take the field. Additionally, Ron supports his local 4-H programs.